Union Ridge Church

Hello, my name is Jose Esteban and I'm the  Youth/Childrens Pastor here at Union Ridge. I just want to thank you so much for visiting the webpage! A little bit about me, I am married to my lovely wife Allison. I'm originally from Morganton, North Carolina. I had the opportunity to work four summers as a Fuge staffer which is where I first heard my call to ministry. 

My heart for students is a life changing, genuine relationship with the Lord. My desire is to cultivate a generation in which students don't just consume the things they have been taught but that they are so changed by the goodness of God that they go out and do. That they share that goodness they have experienced. James 2:14-26 talks about how faith without works is dead. James tells us the mark of a true born-again believer is their desire to go out and do and share with others.   

Looking forward to meeting you! If you need anything feel free to call or text me at 828-391-7959 or you can email me at