Union Ridge Church

A New Bible Study – “An Overview of the Bible”

by Reverend Dan on May 1, 2020

A New Bible Study – “An Overview of the Bible”

Starts Monday, May 4th. This is an “E-mail study” so you’ll need to register with Rev. Dan by emailing him at urcpastor@gmail.com and tell him you’d like to participate. He will send out “lessons” Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (the study lasts 4 weeks). You can read through the lessons at your convenience, and email back any questions or comments you have. Rev. Dan will address any questions/comments when he sends out the next lesson. The goal of the study is:

1.     to become more familiar with the Bible.

2.     to see the separate books as a whole history of faith.

3.     that each book will have more meaning in a historical/geographical/political/theological relationship to the other books.

4.     that you are not overwhelmed by the enormity of the Bible but see it as a series of stories that are all interconnected.

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