Union Ridge Church

COVID-19 Relief Project

by Carson Swain on April 23, 2020

COVID-19 Relief Project     from Carson Swain

This is a project to help others in the community as we are facing a time of dire need. This project includes 3 tasks: making thank you cards to essential workers, donating items to the Allied Churches of Alamance County (ACAC), and donating toys to Duke Children’s Hospital.

            The cards are to show our appreciation and gratitude for the workers that are sacrificing their lives to help others during this pandemic. The cards can be addressed to ARMC workers, Lab Corp employees, the Women’s Hospital workers, the Burlington Police Department, or the Burlington Fire Department. These cards can hopefully cheer up these workers and show that we are still thinking about them and appreciate what they are doing. You can drop these cards off at the bin designated “CARDS” in the Fellowship Hall.

            The ACAC is currently not housing anyone, but they are still providing meals and essential items for the homeless community. They are looking for donations of laundry detergent pods (any brand, but HAS to be pod form), travel-size mouthwash, travel-size toothbrushes and toothpaste, travel-size deodorant, and canned meat. Any of these items would be greatly appreciated by this organization. You can drop these items off at the bin designated “ACAC” in the Fellowship Hall.

            Duke Children’s Hospital has placed visitation restrictions due to COVID-19. In order to bring the children some joy during this scary time, we are looking for toys: Barbies, toy cars and trucks, craft kits, small handheld toys, and board games. These donations could really brighten up a kid’s day and so anything is appreciated. You can drop these items off at the bin designated “DUKE” in the Fellowship Hall.

            If you would like to donate, but cannot get items, cash and check donations (make out to the Helping Hands) are welcome. Just put the gift in an envelope, mark it COVID-19 project, and slide the envelope under the office door.

The goal date to gather and distribute is May 2nd. That way sanitary measures can be taken and everything can be organized for distribution. I am very grateful to have all of you as my church family and hope that we can give back to the community even during times of hardship. Thank you and I pray for the blessing of health over all of you!