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March Bible Study

March Bible Study

by Reverend Dan on February 15, 2021
Join us for a new sermon series starting in March called "Great Battles of the Bible". Our Lenton Bible Study is about five important battles in the Bible. Some are very famous (The battle of Jericho, Gideon's War), while others are lesser-known (the Philistines capturing the Ark of the Covenant, Saul vs. the Amalekites, The battle of Ai).

It is encouraging to read of the many victories that God's people won in battles in the Bible, especially those won against great odds. Sadly, not all the battles Israel fought ended in victory. Sometimes they won, but sometimes it was the Philistines. And occasionally, even when Israel won the battle, there was sin in their camp that caused future defeats. We'll learn that it was only when the people obeyed and trusted in God that they emerged victorious. 

The reason I selected this topic for our Lenten study is that the greatest battle of all - the one between Jesus and death - will be celebrated on Easter at the end of Lent. From Thursday's betrayal in the garden, to Friday's scourging and crucifixion, to Jesus' descent into hell to defeat death once and for all, to the empty tomb of Easter, the battle that Jesus fought on our behalf is one that will never be matched.

I hope you will find this study enjoyable and interesting. And I hope it will prompt you to want to find out more about other battles in the bible. 

To sign up, email Rev. Dan at urcpastor@gmail.com