Union Ridge Church

Humble Beginning

by A.D. Knox on December 7, 2021
Humble Beginning The building was much the same as any of the others along the street. The man stopped his donkey and told his companion to keep her seat. Upon a knock, the door opened to light and warmth and rest inside. The trip had been slow for the girl was large with child and often tired. A man stood in the entry, shaking his...
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Thoughtful Thankfulness

by A.D. Knox on November 12, 2021
In all things give thanks, is what God’s Word tells us to do. And it is a simple thing, to express heartfelt gratitude. What we perceive as a blessing, is easy to give thanks for. Not so much...
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God's Word Reveals Truth

by A.D. Knox on September 27, 2021
God’s Word Reveals Truth The resource is at your fingertips, in one of several forms. You have only to access its pages, yet its wisdom is often scorned. Never in all of time, has there...
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The Lamp

by A.D. Knox on August 15, 2021
The Lamp Who is there among us that has not lost someone beloved? The loss cascades into grief’s despair and we fall as tho shoved. Tunneling ever downward, our misery descends to greater...
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Begin with Me

by A.D. Knox on July 12, 2021
Begin with Me What is the answer Lord, to all this hate and anger I see? Where does the healing begin in a hurt so wide and so deep? How do I affect the change required to bind up those...
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God the Father

by A. D. Knox on May 24, 2021
God the Father Too often we try to limit God in time; which He always transcends. The time of His existence cannot be measured for He has always been. When He spoke creation into being, our...
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