Union Ridge Church

The Soul's Hope

by A.D. Knox on March 12, 2023
The Soul’s Hope We are made in God’s image, in heart, mind and soul. Our bodies however, are crafted from the bottom of a muddy hole. And thus the battle was started between the spirit and the flesh. The body was willing yet weak; then the heart deceived at the devil’s behest. The mind then tries to weigh and balance all that is at...
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I Come to Worship You

by A.D. Knox on February 2, 2023
I Come to Worship You What must I do to prepare my heart and mind to worship You? It begins when I awake to Your gift of a day brand new. I seek Your presence in the quiet stillness of the...
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Christmas Renewal

by A.D. Knox on December 19, 2022
Christmas Renewal Christmas as we know it, is the chosen time for celebration. The time we chose to rejoice in our Savior’s birth declaration. Tho tinsel and glitter, lights and gifts try...
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Child that I am

by A.D. Knox on October 17, 2022
Lord I need you so very much, yet I cannot even speak. My heart is weighing heavy and I have no direction to seek. Even my thoughts run hither and yon, in chaotic disarray. Yet I know You hear...
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Soaring Away

by A.D. Knox on August 10, 2022
Soaring Away God’s breath has left my body, and now soars to greater heights. He that formed my body took my hand and drew me tight. In that sweet embrace, God spoke my name soft and...
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Yes, We Can Sing

by A.D. Knox on July 6, 2022
Yes, We Can Sing Can you sing a song of joy when dark clouds threaten your sky? Can you lift your heart above the hurt and then hold it high? These things are not possible without help from...
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Know Where to Turn

by A.D. Knox on May 25, 2022
Know Where to Turn My heart is aching and my mind whirls around in utter disbelief. My thoughts are scattered and crashing against a wall of sadness and grief. I cannot process this recurring...
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Defeat Deception

by A.D. Knox on May 16, 2022
Defeat Deception Do not be deceived by all your eyes can perceive and see. Deceptions and misconceptions abound in what we hear and read. On the surface the message may seem to be crystal...
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The Alter is Stained

by A.D. Knox on April 11, 2022
The Alter is Stained The altar is stained with the lifeblood of Jesus the Christ. He put it there Himself for the salvation of all human lives. The Lord Jesus was sacrificed as though a pure and...
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A Path of Grief

by A.D. Knox on March 9, 2022
A Path of Grief This time it’s different, the pain in my heart is cutting me wide and deep. A memory will over take me and suddenly I cannot even breathe. My grief overwhelms me just when I...
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Sharing God's Gifts

by A.D. Knox on February 7, 2022
Sharing God’s Gifts Each day I awaken to wonder what the day will bring as it unfolds. I marvel at the gift of life in my mortal body and spiritual soul. For this is a day made by the Lord,...
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Once More, Lord

by A.D. Knox on December 31, 2021
Once More, Lord Once more I stand before You, unsure of what to say or how to begin. I know You are already aware of the many times I have let You down in sin. I seek to turn my life around,...
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Humble Beginning

by A.D. Knox on December 7, 2021
Humble Beginning The building was much the same as any of the others along the street. The man stopped his donkey and told his companion to keep her seat. Upon a knock, the door opened to...
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Thoughtful Thankfulness

by A.D. Knox on November 12, 2021
In all things give thanks, is what God’s Word tells us to do. And it is a simple thing, to express heartfelt gratitude. What we perceive as a blessing, is easy to give thanks for. Not so much...
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God's Word Reveals Truth

by A.D. Knox on September 27, 2021
God’s Word Reveals Truth The resource is at your fingertips, in one of several forms. You have only to access its pages, yet its wisdom is often scorned. Never in all of time, has there...
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