Union Ridge Church

A Path of Grief

by A.D. Knox on March 9, 2022

A Path of Grief


This time it’s different, the pain in my heart is cutting me wide and deep.

A memory will over take me and suddenly I cannot even breathe.

My grief overwhelms me just when I think I see a glimmer of light.

Darkness once more runs over my soul, come morning, noon or night.


Wave upon wave, my emotions roll, from the valley to a mountain crest.

My edges are raw, my eyes burn like fire and it is difficult to rest.

The path before my feet is rough; I feel as though I should fall.

I never expected to travel upon this trail, and I don’t like at all.


When will this veil of grief be lifted off of my heart and soul?

Tis a burdensome weight that is hard to bear and it takes a heavy toll.

Will the day ever be that I no longer weep, will peace never come?

I know it must but I see it not, for this moment, I am all undone.


Do I walk alone on this path dim and dark? It seems to be so.

Logic says others have gone before me, but I really don’t want to know.

Leave me to my pain for now, this ache refuses to depart.

How long you ask; no answer have I, my vision is way too dark.


What is that sound upon my ear, it is hard to discern its source.

It sounds as tho my name, spoken ever so soft in a whispered voice.

I try to tune it out with tears but it continues to persevere.

Peering around I see no one close by; there is nobody else here.


Slowly, sweetly, I feel His presence, surrounding my heart with peace.

A sense of calm invades my soul, the torment begins to cease.

He has waited out my tempest, His love reaches out to cover my pain.

He folds me into His arms, His strength is now mine to claim.


He leads me toward the light of life and I lean hard upon His help.

I falter and stumble; He lifts me up, and carries me with each step.

Over and over I fall and He lifts, until finally life’s rhythm returns.

God’s presence is my everlasting strength; my welfare, His unending concern.


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

February 23, 2022