Union Ridge Church

Child that I am

by A.D. Knox on October 17, 2022

Lord I need you so very much, yet I cannot even speak.

My heart is weighing heavy and I have no direction to seek.

Even my thoughts run hither and yon, in chaotic disarray.

Yet I know You hear the words my heart has need to say.


You know all, my Father; so you understand my anguish and woe.

I need Your peace, Your strength, please cover me head to toe.

Standing here before You, I place my needs into Your care.

Child that I am, I’m seeking any wisdom You want to share.


How easy it is to talk to You, to feel Your presence here;

Yet who am I to trouble You, one of thousands shedding tears.

Surely You have many pressing requests, more important than me.

I understand if I must wait in line, Your time is much in need.


Quietly I ponder this and slowly a picture comes to mind.

The message it portrays brings wisdom that’s surely Your design.

A tempest over the ocean, with rain drops falling hard and fast;

Pours itself into the swells, each drop then drawn into the ocean vast.


The ocean drinks them in, the rain drops become as one with the waves.

My Lord is like the ocean, He hears every cry that is ever made.

Yeah, He is greater by far than that, for He knows each voice’s heart.

He hears me in the moment of my despair, He hears me in the dark.


Each entreaty falls into the vastness of His never ending love and care.

Yet He is not diminished, our pleas increase the love He has to share.

Every tear we shed through hurt and woe, goes in the vessel He keeps.

And He listens with concerned delight when we approach Him in our needs.


My God is greater than any ocean, indeed they were created by His hand.

His love is vast and has no end, it grows ever stronger when in demand.

My Father in heaven is greater than great, He is and there is none more.

I know He hears me, I know He loves me; and my spirit He will restore.


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

February 21, 2022