Union Ridge Church

Christmas Renewal

by A.D. Knox on December 19, 2022

Christmas Renewal


Christmas as we know it, is the chosen time for celebration.

The time we chose to rejoice in our Savior’s birth declaration.

Tho tinsel and glitter, lights and gifts try to steal the scene;

At the heart of the season, tis the arrival of Christ that redeems.


On the surface one can easily miss the significance of that birth.

Just another baby born into the population of earth.

Pause here for a moment; I beg for a bit of your attention.

Close your mind to earth’s clamor, and ponder on God’s intention.


To experience the Christmas season from God’s point of view,

Is to affirm the sense of reverential awe and wonder anew.

When one examines the depth of the sacrifices He made,

A deep humbleness in our soul overcomes and invades.


From a place that has no boundaries and is filled with glorious light,

He conformed Himself inside Mary’s womb, darker than a moonless night.

He whose power has no equal, made Himself to be a tiny babe.

Weak and small, He was dependent upon a created being He had made.


Heaven’s fare was left behind; a nectar known as rare and sweet.

Exchanged for the milk of His mother’s breast, this for food He did seek.

He who created the universes so great, left His bejeweled throne;

And in its place He came to rest in a feeding trough of stone.


All of the glory, honor and splendor of heaven was willingly left behind.

He became God’s definition of love and grace within a baby confined.

Ponder these things when the quiet moments fleetingly appear.

Think on what God did for you, just because He holds us so dear.


Lift your heart in gladness and joy, then revisit the reason we celebrate.

Today and even at this moment, His love has never been so great.

Bring your heart and place it at His feet, for the first time or anew.

His love so great, it is hard to accept, yet He did it for me and you.


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

December 18, 2022