Union Ridge Church

Defeat Deception

by A.D. Knox on May 16, 2022

Defeat Deception


Do not be deceived by all your eyes can perceive and see.

Deceptions and misconceptions abound in what we hear and read.

On the surface the message may seem to be crystal clear.

But do a little digging and see if it is truly what it appears.


Today’s messages are presented to us in all kinds of ways.

And modern media is rife with misinformation these days.

The Bible tells us to test the source from where it comes.

It is your Christian duty to assure due diligence has been done.


Satan is the great deceiver and will cover his message well.

He will use familiar language to you, in what he has to tell.

The message he proclaims will sound as if it is the honest truth;

Appearing to promote something good for the world or for you.


He is cunning but evil and his goal is to defeat our faith.

He wants all the accolades; he lusts for adoration and praise.

The day is ever closer when his reign on earth is through.

So he is feverishly working to claim the souls he deems are his due.


We are bombarded with his filth in much of what we see and hear.

Hold it up against the Scripture to see if the message is pure and clear.

The One who saved us will soon return to take us home forever.

Thus we are entrusted to fight the lies of Satan in our every endeavor.


The Lord of Creation has already shown us the great depth of His love.

Our faithfulness to His Word will separate the serpents from the doves.

Stand firm in your belief of the resurrected Christ being the only way.

Do not compromise His standards, but do reach out to others in grace.


All may appear as normal, and you think there is no need to rush.

I say beware of this apathy, for tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

Live today in trust of all the Lord has said He will do.

Push back against anything which contradicts HIS message of Truth.


Original lyrics by A.D. Knox

May 15, 2022