Union Ridge Church

God the Father

by A. D. Knox on May 24, 2021

God the Father


Too often we try to limit God in time; which He always transcends.

The time of His existence cannot be measured for He has always been.

When He spoke creation into being, our measure of time began.

We are mere mortals and it is not given for us to understand.


Everything we see, hear, smell and touch was made by the Lord.

At the sound of His voice the heavens and the earth were formed.

The Lord God Most High attended to the smallest of details.

He designed the patterns on butterfly wings and all the seashells.


Consider the myriad of colors which enhance our world’s visual appeal.

Think of all the different textures your skin touches and feels.

Listen with wonder to the vast array of earth’s rhythmic sounds.

And ponder how many fragrances and odors your nose has found.


He gave us a sense of taste that separates the bitter or savory from sweet.

But we need more than those five external senses to make us complete.

Deep within our heart of hearts, He created a longing for His love.

A small empty hollow in our beings until we find He is enough.


The Lord God in heaven is as a father to us, indeed He loves us very much.

He has loved us from before time was, are you open to His love and touch?

We were created by God, for God; we were His from the very start.

That is why God’s niche was placed inside of our heart of hearts.


Each day we are alive, the Lord softly calls out our names.

All who hear and respond to Him have their lives forever changed.

For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, are become as new.

It pleases our Father beyond measure when we accept His Truth.


Jehovah God the Almighty Lord and Father God are one and the same.

When we come to Him through Jesus, the Holy Spirit is our gain.

From the beginning, we were made to love the ONE who made us.

He is calling, do you hear; can’t you see it is time to accept His love?


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

March 19th, 2014