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God's Word Reveals Truth

by A.D. Knox on September 27, 2021

  God’s Word Reveals Truth


The resource is at your fingertips, in one of several forms.

You have only to access its pages, yet its wisdom is often scorned.

Never in all of time, has there been such ease of access to all.

And those of the faith have no defense; for it is part of God’s call.


The witness of His Word is laid out for anyone to see or hear.

It tells of God’s greatness; His power to comfort and to heal.

The words upon its pages convey His character and His heart.

They tell the story of His love and how once given, it never departs.


Those of the faith have every advantage of knowing what not to do.

The Word tells of the mistakes of others, that we may walk in truth.

Its pages tell of God’s provision, how He is able to fill every need.

Time after time, the Lord provides, if only we follow His lead.


It is filled to overflowing with His wisdom, His justness, and His tact.

There can be no doubt in the heart of the faithful; GOD’s Word is fact!

From front cover to back page, the witness of souls is constantly revealed.

The facts are there if you accept their truth, and open your heart to His will.


The opening line says it all, it’s truth could not be more plain.

“In the beginning God created” sets the stage for all else explained.

We read His words over and over, yet we comprehend them not a bit.

Doubt rides our shoulders and clouds the meaning more than just a whit.


The Lord God is, and as such should have dominion in your heart.

Man’s knowledge is but a poor reflection of God’s wisdom from the start.

The faithful must take a stand and declare God’s truth is real.

They must stand ever so firm and defend it with growing zeal.


Once the heart accepts without exception the truth of God’s Holy Word,

The doubts will fall away and worldly understanding will be seen as absurd.

To put one’s faith on the line is to believe God’s Word lives and breathes.

Good Christian lead the way, declare it for all the world to hear and see.


Original lyrics by A.D. Knox

September 26th, 2021