Union Ridge Church

Humble Beginning

by A.D. Knox on December 7, 2021

Humble Beginning


The building was much the same as any of the others along the street.

The man stopped his donkey and told his companion to keep her seat.

Upon a knock, the door opened to light and warmth and rest inside.

The trip had been slow for the girl was large with child and often tired.


A man stood in the entry, shaking his head and then pointed to the back.

He closed the door and the weary travelers untied their meager packs.

The night air was crisp, and there was a definite chill in the air.

They turned the donkey aside, and went to see what was their fare.


The stable was dark and still; the animals fed and in for the night.

A single empty stall was all they could see from the lantern’s light.

Resigned to the lowly place, they made ready a space to sleep.

And the empty manger was filled with hay so the donkey could eat.


The darkness deepened and the stars in the sky had a strange glow.

Yet sleep was not to be, as the pains for birthing began to grow.

Soon the hour came for the Child’s appearance upon the earth.

The crown of flesh upon His head fulfilled the prophecy of a virgin birth.


She marveled at His features, her heart full of wonder, love, and joy.

All the perfection of heaven was now on earth in this tiny baby boy.

His mother carefully wrapped Him against the chill of the night,

Then tenderly laid Him in the manger’s straw; such a peaceful sight.


On that night, the Lord of Creation displayed His awesome hand.

Taking the form of His created being, His presence would defeat sin’s stand.

His human birth began the final chapter of Satan’s reign on earth.

Yet each person would have to discover and claim His true worth.


From the most humble of beginnings there came a magnificent love.

The journey from stable to cross to hearts was crafted by God above.

Salvation began as a child with an innocent trust in God’s loving care.

And that simple trust in a heart free from guile is a gift for all to share.


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

November 28, 2021