Union Ridge Church

I Come to Worship You

by A.D. Knox on February 2, 2023

I Come to Worship You


What must I do to prepare my heart and mind to worship You?

It begins when I awake to Your gift of a day brand new.

I seek Your presence in the quiet stillness of the morn.

I listen for Your voice; a peaceful rest amid worldly storms.


The wonders of the world are all about as I approach Your house.

No matter the season, there is always something to exclaim about.

Your touch upon the earth is clearly seen, a witness to Your hand.

Reason enough to remember that when You spoke, its existence began.


One thought leads to another as I ponder the power You hold.

It is an amazing thing how You mesh together life’s intricate folds.

Each creature and plant has a purpose to serve, within Your design.

You covered every possibility, Your wisdom becomes known with time.


The doors to Your house are open wide and welcome all to attend.

And the body of the church gathers together to worship within.

Each soul in attendance represents an extension of Your care.

We lean into each other’s hearts, giving and receiving love as we share.


Worldly distractions with schedules and deadlines, are left behind.

The phone is turned off, and the focus changes within the mind.

Over the alter, the cross reminds me of the price You paid.

The sacrifice that atoned for all was found in the life You gave.


Somber reflection begins about wasted moments in this life You created.

Yet time and again I found compassion in the mercy You demonstrated.

Your forgiveness was sought and received, a treasure ageless and true.

For all these things and so much more, I come to worship You!


It is You oh LORD, only You, worthy of all honor and praise.

It is You oh LORD, only You, that I bow the knee to today.

My Lord, my Savior, all that I have is from You alone.

Please accept this simple act of worship as gratitude for mercy shown.


Original lyrics by A.D. Knox

January 31, 2023