Union Ridge Church

Know Where to Turn

by A.D. Knox on May 25, 2022
Know Where to Turn

My heart is aching and my mind whirls around in utter disbelief.
My thoughts are scattered and crashing against a wall of sadness and grief.
I cannot process this recurring madness which preys on innocent lives.
The answers elude my reasoning, no matter how often and hard I try.

What is the fuel which feeds this fire of evil, will we ever be aware? 
Our children are paying a mighty toll; more than they should bear.
I want to run and hold them and assure them they are safe from harm.
But it would be a lie, for our world has succumbed to Satan’s charm. 

This evil force is great, there is no remorse over the carnage in its wake.
Our children are its target, for they are the future that is at stake.
Again my reasoning fails me and my response is to busy my mind.
Keeping it occupied with little tasks, filling the space and using my time.

But the sadness circles back around and once more invades the day.
A day begun in the promise of hope turned deadly with children as prey.
Anger, sadness, despair and doubts allow chaos to rule my thoughts.
No semblance of order to be found, with uneasiness I am fraught. 

I appeal to Father God for direction, finding my own efforts have failed.
My angst is great against grace’s evil foe, and I want God’s justice to prevail.
The good world I once knew is rapidly becoming a haven for evil desire.
And the lines between right and wrong have grown dim, fueling that fire.

This load of hurt and anger and grief is more than I can carry or hold.
I stagger under its weight, it causes my heart to grow weary and cold.
There is only One path to seek; One direction I must look to for aid.
I must and I shall give it to God, and ask Him to hold me close as I pray.

In this time of chaos and danger, I choose to lift my faith up high.
I give my trust to Almighty God, releasing my burden with a deep sigh.
My prayers bring me peace at last and a resolve to deepen my faith.
God alone has all understanding; in Him I will trust as I live and wait.

Original lyrics by A.D. Knox
May 24th, 2022