Union Ridge Church

Once More, Lord

by A.D. Knox on December 31, 2021

Once More, Lord


Once more I stand before You, unsure of what to say or how to begin.

I know You are already aware of the many times I have let You down in sin.

I seek to turn my life around, but I acknowledge I am not very strong.

I understand….. now, that it was Your strength I needed,  all along.


Lord, begin in me a new way to be.

Let my actions be a reflection of You for all to see.

Let my voice proclaim Your message without shame.

And let my ear listen for Your whisper of my name.


When You call to me, let my response be sure and swift.

Give me resolve to do what is right, sharing Your gift.

Remind my heart; eternity awaits beyond this one day.

Help me keep my focus on Your Word; this I pray.


Let Your Word light my pathway, lest I stumble and fall.

Imprint it on my heart Lord, not in part, but all.

Let my life be Your messenger to any who may see.

And let Your mercy and grace pour forth out of me.


By way of Jesus Christ and Him alone; souls are saved

For Your abundant mercy, was found in the life He gave.

Once more I ask, begin in me a new way to be a voice for You.

So that these words may inspire others to also begin anew.


Lord, I request forgiveness for all of my sins.

I seek Your mercy that I may be fully cleansed.

A new me, a new start, reborn to be your hands and voice.

A new day, a new year, a new chance to make a new choice.


I lift this petition in a repentant and sincere request.

I await Your response; for all my efforts made this mess.

Mold me once more, revived to live my life for You.

Create in me a clean new heart; a heart forever true.


Original lyrics by  A. D. Knox

December 31, 2021