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Sharing God's Gifts

by A.D. Knox on February 7, 2022

Sharing God’s Gifts


Each day I awaken to wonder what the day will bring as it unfolds.

I marvel at the gift of life in my mortal body and spiritual soul.

For this is a day made by the Lord, to this much I can attest.

The dawn of a new day is God’s love in action after our needed rest.


I lift my eyes toward His heavenly home, and offer up my heart.

I ask Him for His guiding hand to lead me out of the dark.

Thus the day begins with the Lord leading me along His way.

It is now up to me, to listen and learn, and try my best to obey.


I am called to take what He has given me and honor that gift.

To strive toward His perfection, to give back as He would see fit.

How small are my efforts; yet I must try my best to waste it not.

For a gift from the Holy Father, is worthy of everything I’ve got.


I must fully open my heart to all that the Lord would have me know.

There is much to learn and share; and I must be willing to change and grow.

The Lord gives abundantly to His children, for His love has no bounds.

It is we who have the choices to accept His gifts or turn them down.


Now, once the gift is given, and once it is in use, what burden do we bear?

Is each gift ours to hoard, or was it given to us that we should share?

That which is first shared with us, is an example of unselfish provision.

Realization humbles my heart and I suddenly see my prideful condition.


My pride would be my undoing, for it always leads back to self.

And gifts from God are meant to be shared, not set back on a shelf.

My question now knows its answer; sharing is the greatest of gratitudes.

God’s gift to me is returned to Him a hundredfold with a giving attitude.


Our time, our talents, our treasures can bring Him glory each and every day.

And His holy Name is exalted when His gifts to us are willingly given away.

It is only right to offer them back to the One who created their design.

The Giver of Life is deserving over all, and truly, who are we to deny Him?


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

February 4th, 2022