Union Ridge Church

Soaring Away

by A.D. Knox on August 10, 2022

Soaring Away


God’s breath has left my body, and now soars to greater heights.

He that formed my body took my hand and drew me tight.

In that sweet embrace, God spoke my name soft and low.

I felt His love surround me, His peace He did bestow.


Such mercy He has given me; grace He gave to my sinful self.

His strength and protection were ever present as my daily help.

His forgiveness washed away my sins, giving me new life.

And when I struggled to find my way, His word became my light.


Bit by bit my heart was opened as He revealed His plan for me.

He grew my faith to a greater depth, new vision my eyes to see.

Faith, trust and belief were learned over my lifetime of trials.

Doubts were banished in mercies revealed quieting my denials.


What is life but a fleeting moment when eternity lies ahead;

A meager presence on a doomed landscape filled with walking dead?

That is the way for some, for the ones who reject God’s grace.

Not so for those who come to the Son looking to seek His face.


It is in Jesus Christ alone that forgiveness can be secured.

For He took our sins upon Himself and our punishment He endured.

He paid, He suffered, He sacrificed so that we might be saved.

He stands before His Father, His scars a testament to that day.


Each time a new heart finds its way to Him, God’s mercy is bestowed,

Coursing through the blood of Christ spilled out on earth so long ago.

I beg you to seek Him out, while God’s breath is still yours to breathe.

Accept His grace, renew your life, and live so others will come to believe.


Fleeting thoughts that pass away as heaven’s gates swing wide.

All that was is no more, wonder and splendor now fill my eyes.

Restful peace overflows my soul, my voice lifts in worship and praise.

God’s breath is now my eternal essence, soaring high in His heavenly place.


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

August 9, 2022