Union Ridge Church

The Alter is Stained

by A.D. Knox on April 11, 2022
The Alter is Stained

The altar is stained with the lifeblood of Jesus the Christ.
He put it there Himself for the salvation of all human lives.
The Lord Jesus was sacrificed as though a pure and spotless lamb.
And God accepted that sacrifice providing redemption for man.

Only the lifeblood of Christ could pay our sin debt in full.
There is no one else who can cleanse us to be as new wool.
Jesus knew the cost would be His purity in place of our stains.
He allowed His body and spirit to suffer for the world’s gain.

He could have spoken the words of refusal and been set free.
He could have used His mighty power and taken the seat of king.
His resistance of any kind would have effectively destroyed grace.
But He chose to honor His Father’s will to endure the cross and grave.

All the sins of all mankind were placed upon His pure heart.
His death was our death that we might find our way out of the dark.
He took our sins into the grave and they lost any power to control.
He walked away from death, leaving our sins to rot and mold.

The grave could not hold Jesus for He had fought and defeated death.
His resurrection was the proof that there is truth in all He has said.
He lives forever in the kingdom of heaven sitting by His father’s side.
For any soul who believes in Him, He gives them eternal life.

Jesus is the Christ, our Lord and Savior and He lives even today.
He intercedes on our behalf when we humble ourselves in faith.
When we trust Him to lead and guide us, we will find that He is enough.
His life was given that ours would be spared, truly that is love.

If Jesus is not your Lord and Savior, you can come to Him now.
His sacrifice so long ago is still redeeming souls of the down and out.
The gift of grace is for anyone who accepts and lives His Truth.
Eternal life with God the Father can be yours; come, be renewed!

Original lyrics by A. D. Knox