Union Ridge Church

The Lamp

by A.D. Knox on August 15, 2021

The Lamp


Who is there among us that has not lost someone beloved?

The loss cascades into grief’s despair and we fall as tho shoved.

Tunneling ever downward, our misery descends to greater depths.

T’would seem there is no bottom, no stopping point, no final step.


As we spiral out of control into darkness with an end unknown;

we lose touch with all around us, unaware we are not alone.

Broken in our spirit, each tomorrow appears hard to endure.

The promise of a new day no longer quite so bright or secure.


In the moment of human suffering, no one looks for the light.

It’s soft and steady glow is unnoticed when grieving tears fill the eye.

The broken heart cannot be consoled, for death has taken center stage.

Yet the light still shines, patiently waiting for time to turn the page.


The day then comes when the soul releases its grip of death’s searing pain.

Memories begin to heal instead of hurt, and slowly life is reclaimed.

Pockets of grief will bubble up, stirred by scents, sounds, or sights;

But the path grows ever brighter, illuminated by the light.


The heart does recover, and grow, though scars will always remain.

Memories will become bitter yet sweet at a lost loved one’s name.

Bitter because the void is real, but sweet for love’s joy once shared.

The sweet will cover the bitter in time; a release of dark despair.


The awakening of the soul occurs with the healing of the heart.

The light will shine into the depths and chase away the dark.

Tomorrow glows with great new promise as the light rises high.

Shining ever brighter, the light pours forth now undenied.


The lamp of the soul was carefully tended by GOD’s own hand.

He trimmed the wick, and replenished the oil, and set it on a stand.

Even in the darkest moments, He sheltered it from the winds of sorrow.

In His wisdom, He knew, it would be needed for the morrow.


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

July 22, 2021