Union Ridge Church

The Soul's Hope

by A.D. Knox on March 12, 2023

The Soul’s Hope


We are made in God’s image, in heart, mind and soul.

Our bodies however, are crafted from the bottom of a muddy hole.

And thus the battle was started between the spirit and the flesh.

The body was willing yet weak; then the heart deceived at the devil’s behest.


The mind then tries to weigh and balance all that is at hand.

It is torn between the cries of the flesh and the Lord’s commands.

The heart is of no help for it waxes and wanes with each day.

The mind drifts here and yon, a steadfast path it cannot stay.


The soul is left lying in the darkest corner, fearful and alone.

Barely clinging to life, it strives to make its voice known.

Now the soul knows it’s Maker, and it whispers the barest prayer.

Seeking to speak its distress and praying that His help is out there.


Caught up by the soul’s condition, the heart feels remorse.

It pushes aside the logic created by Satan’s false discourse.

In a single moment of empathy, the heart lifts up the need.

The prayer is carried beyond the flesh and is laid at the Father’s feet.


The Father wants all souls to be saved and the prayer is heard.

His response is filled with Hope, and the soul is sweetly stirred.

The heart opens a door and the Spirit begins to cast Its light.

Darkness begins to fade away, yet the flesh still wants to fight.


But, guided by the Spirit’s Truth, the heart and soul are now aligned.

The battle continues and the flesh retreats, its desires abandoned or confined.

Now heart and soul strive together under the Spirit’s guidance and control.

Revealing a love before unknown, a mark of the Father’s goal.


He calls us to pray, and He answers those with a sincere desire to repent.

The heart must change to support the soul, thus defeating the flesh’s intent.

The Spirit of the Lord then assumes command, the war is finally won.

Battles there will be, for Satan hates defeat; but the kingdom belongs to the Son.


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

March 12, 2023