Union Ridge Church

Thoughtful Thankfulness

by A.D. Knox on November 12, 2021

In all things give thanks, is what God’s Word tells us to do.

And it is a simple thing, to express heartfelt gratitude.

What we perceive as a blessing, is easy to give thanks for.

Not so much when the day is filled with troubles and woes galore.


Do you thank God for the aches and pains each time you move?

You may struggle to get out of bed; but you’re alive and pain is the proof.

Every day of anyone’s life is filled with both good things and bad.

And on any given day, you may begin with a smile, but end up sad.


The positive side of life is always nice and we cling to it tightly.

But it is the negative side of life which impacts us most mightily.

It is the trouble and the hurt, the grief and worry that grow our faith.

They teach us how small we are and how God’s protection is great.


Without life’s negatives, we would never learn to lean on God’s power.

And He is always available, every day of every year, every minute of the hour.

Our happiness would be a hollow joy if sadness was an unknown.

For how do you know if you are happy unless the opposite is also shown.


Give thanks for His blessings but be grateful for the troubles too.

The blessings are brighter when troubles have shown you God’s truth.

Embrace gratitude for the Lord’s will, look for His lesson in each day.

Give thanks for His love, for in it we are bound to His caring ways.


Giving thanks, or gratitude is thoughtful thankfulness from a humble heart.

We must learn to accept each day as a gift regardless of good or bad parts.

Trust in God’s care is the ultimate test of faith when your strength is spent.

Sometimes we must be broken down, to discover God’s measured intent.


Life is a wonder; it is filled with twists, turns, and unknown surprising curves.

Some days are easy, and some days are difficult, depleting our human reserves.

But all days are our best days, when we walk them in sincere gratitude.

Giving our thanks to an ever loving Lord, for the chance to change our attitude.


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

November 11, 2021