Union Ridge Church

Yes, We Can Sing

by A.D. Knox on July 6, 2022

Yes, We Can Sing


Can you sing a song of joy when dark clouds threaten your sky?

Can you lift your heart above the hurt and then hold it high?

These things are not possible without help from the Holy Spirit.

And the spirit of our Lord supplies our strength when we most need it.


We have never been promised a life free of trial and temptation.

Indeed we are warned that our lives will be full of such situations.

In this fallen world our inheritance is only pain and strife.

It is only with Christ Jesus, that we can live a joyous life!


Tho peril and trouble beset us, we have the peace of a calm pool.

Think not that the serenity is our own, lest we play the fool.

Left to our own defenses, our mental angst would never cease.

Only by accepting the grace of Christ can we achieve this peace.


The world is full of troubles, yet we sing of a far better place.

And we endure pain and suffering as we walk in His grace.

The smile on our lips and in our eyes mirrors the one in our heart.

One day at a time we survive, with the strength our Lord imparts.


The joy belongs to Jesus but He freely shares it with all.

His love and mercy and grace are there for anyone who answers His call.

How wonderful it is to know Him and have His presence always there.

He is available all the time just by saying a sincere prayer.


The contrast of extremes is to exist in fear or live in grace.

The moment we belong to Him, His goodness fills our plate.

His love will grow inside us and ideally we will let it overflow.

Then His grace will carry us thru any burden we may come to know.


So, yes, we can sing; even in the midst of any troubles that appear.

And yes, we can keep the joy even when the happiness disappears.

Our hearts will not be troubled, even thru the darkest of nights.

We can walk safely through the shadow of death because we have Christ!


Original lyrics by A. D. Knox

July 2nd, 2014