Union Ridge Church

August 3, 2020

by Reverend Dan on August 3, 2020

"Come with me by yourself to a quiet place and get some rest."

                                                                                    Mark 6:31


It’s been about five months since we started to hear and use words and phrases like “quarantine”, “self-isolate”, “social distance”, “flatten the curve”, and so many others. It almost seems like we can’t remember when they weren’t a part of our vocabulary. You can’t help but to wonder when they’ll be added to Mr. Webster’s dictionary and be recognized as part of our “normal” lexicon.


Five months. I was taking inventory recently regarding what this time has been like.

Stressful – mostly because of the vast unknown we face.

Anxious – wondering when a vaccine or cure is coming.

Introverted – whether we wanted it or not, we’ve all had to learn a few of the habits of a hermit.

Changeful – it seems like every day, in some way, things change.

Fearful – that there won’t be college football this year.

Lonely – we’ve learned that technology is wonderful for staying connected, but it can’t replace a good hug from an old friend.


Our homes have become our offices.

We’ve learned not to take simple things like grabbing breakfast with a friend for granted.

TV, even with 300 channels, is still awful if Andy Griffith or Law & Order isn’t on.

Sports without live spectators is weird.

And probably the greatest revelation of all - toilet paper is WAY more in demand than any of us realized.


All of which makes me realize why everyone feels so tired lately. Constant, unexpected change wears on you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. That’s why Jesus calls us to follow Him and rest. Rest our minds, our bodies, and that part of us that was made in His Father’s image.


Make sure in the midst of this busy time to rest the temple of God that is your body. And while you’re doing it, talk to the architect and engineer of that body, and find peace and rest in His presence.


"Father, Give us rest in the shadow of Your Wings, and help us to refresh and renew each and every day.  In Jesus' name, AMEN."




Rev. Dan