Union Ridge Church

Friday, June 18, 2021

by Reverend Dan on June 18, 2021

“To answer before listening – that is folly and shame.”

                                                            Proverbs 18:13


Many times, when it comes to making a decision, humans tend to look for an answer between the first two options that come to them and never listen to other advice.


Do we stay open or close? 

Do we hold it outside or inside?

Mexican or Italian for dinner?

Blue or Black suit?

Beige or tan carpet?


All very logical questions, but all very restrictive. The truth is that life is rarely binary. (That’s Rev. Dan’s word of the day.) Many times, the breakthrough answer lies in finding a third option. Or fourth, or fifth. The answer lies in listening.


We could stay open or decide to close . . . or we could . . .

We can hold that service this month or next month . . . or we could . . .

We could have Mexican or Italian . . . or we could . . .


The next time you’re left with two options, add three words: or we could. And then ask for other opinions. That’s where the “we” comes in.


Lean on and learn from others . . . and watch your horizons expand.


Father thank you for those you give us to share the journey. Help us to learn from everyone, for we are all made in Your image. In Jesus’ nameAMEN.