Union Ridge Church

March 17, 2020

by Reverend Dan on March 17, 2020

“Fear not.”

 This verse is used 74 times in the Bible.  It must be important.


The world’s a little off these days.  Things all out of whack.  First, I filled the car up with gas like the folks on TV recommended, and it was $1.88 a gallon.  I don’t remember the last time that happened.  Then when I turned the television on to watch SportsCenter, there is no Top Ten.  I guess with no sporting events there can’t be.  And the airlines.  You can fly anywhere right now for less than you can drive there.  Everything is off kilter.  But it’s the grocery store that’s most unrecognizable.  My goodness, the lines are full and the shelves are empty.  It’s crazy.  (At least while I’m in line I can still read the National Enquirer and catch up on where Elvis is living.) 

As I looked in everyone’s cart, I noticed something that made me think.  When it’s about to snow, bread and milk are the top two sellers.  Milk I get.  After all, there’s nothing like that five-ingredient manna from heaven known as “snow cream”.  Now, for those of you who may not know what snow cream is, back when I was a boy (my children are cringing now . . .  whenever I begin a sentence with “back when I was a boy” or “I remember”, they automatically roll their eyes and tune me out.)  Anyway, back when I was a boy, every time it snowed Mom took some snow (that’s when you could eat stuff off the ground before the hole in the ozone got too big) and she mixed in milk, sugar, vanilla, and a whole bunch of her love and made us a bowl of heaven on earth.  So, the milk I get.  Bread I don’t get so much because I can’t remember the last time I had a snow sandwich.

When hurricanes strike, the top two sellers change to water and batteries.  All good there.  No water, no power, need to have both.  With the Coronavirus, I’ve noticed the top two sellers are disinfectant wipes and toilet paper.   Disinfectant wipes – got it.  Toilet paper – that one’s too easy, so I’m going to let it go.

I’m not sure what any of our choices say about our expectations or needs, but I do know that buying things on impulsive reactions are almost always driven by fear.  And that’s where we seem to be now.  Fear.  It’s not that we’re scared of what we know.  It’s a virus; it’s spread by droplets expended through our mouths and noses; there is nothing to treat the virus yet, just the symptoms; and they’re working as hard as they can on a vaccine.  Wash your hands for 20 seconds a bunch of times a day, stay 6 feet from people . . . you’ve heard the ways to handle this.

What’s scares us . . . is the unknown.  How long will it be around?  How bad will it get?  Will I get it?  Fear is normal.  We’re all infected with a disease known as “humanness” and fear is one of the major symptoms of that condition.  But as Christians we have all inherited another condition known as “salvation”.  And in that condition, even though our humanness fears, our souls need not, for our God has told us to be like the sparrows and not worry about anything.

God’s got this.  And we’ve got God.  And that’s all we need.  That . . . and a little snow cream every once in a while.


“Father, Free us from fear and protect us in the shadow of your wings.  In Jesus’ nameAMEN.”



Rev. Dan