Union Ridge Church

Monday, March 29, 2021

by Reverend Dan on March 29, 2021

For today's scripture, read Mark 14:1-10


He had always liked Bethany.  It was friendly, and quiet, and He had friends there. 


Tonight, the burden of the tired feeling is somewhat lifted, for he is among friends and sharing the fellowship and love of their table. 


He senses her come to Him, her hands holding the alabaster jar.  And He hears her break the jar and feels the sensation of the perfume run over His head and down His body as He closes his eyes.  And instead of being angry, a smile - there were far too few of them this week - comes sweetly across His gentle face.


The others at the table, however, react in horror.  “What a waste of perfectly good perfume.  Think of the money we could have had.”


Slowly he opens his eyes and looks at them.  And once again He is sad and tired.  Still, they do not understand.  And in His heart, He shares the moment with His Father. "Father, thank you for the beautiful acts of this woman.  She has given me a gift in preparation for what lies ahead.  Never will she be forgotten."  Finally, one who understands, and openly admits it.  But still not the others.


But they would, soon enough.  For at that moment, He knows that Judas is on his way to the chief priests, and He knows that all is falling into place.  The week is fast coming to a close . . .


"Father, Help us to understand, in our hearts, the true meaning of this week.  In Jesus' name, AMEN."