Union Ridge Church

September 25, 2020

by Reverend Dan on September 25, 2020

"With God, all things are possible."

                                    Matthew 19:26



How often have you ended up not doing something because you just figured it wouldn't work out?  Didn't have the time, didn't have the skills, didn't have the tools, didn't have the knowledge.  How often have you ever limited yourself because of these things?


There is another question we must ask ourselves when thoughts such as these come to mind.  How often have you ever limited God because of these same things, those same ideas you have about yourself?  How often has a calling of God come and gone without any attempt just because you didn't think you had what it would take to pull it off?


Too often we fail to realize that if we are truly living within the will and call of God, He will provide the resources that we need to be successful.  It's easy to choose projects of our own liking, things at which we know we will succeed.  But when we do this we don't stretch ourselves or our faith.  We take God out of the picture and we never really realize or develop those gifts that He is trying to bless us with.  And when we do that, we have cheated ourselves and our God out of a gift that He wants us to have.


Take on a project for God, one so big that it seems impossible to you.  And get God involved form the very beginning.  You might just be surprised at the results.


 "Father,  Give us the wisdom to listen for your voice, the courage to try that which you ask us to try, and the reassurance to know that with you, our strength and our potential is limitless.  In Jesus' name, AMEN."




Rev. Dan