Union Ridge Church

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

by Reverend Dan on April 6, 2022
For twenty-four years, I’ve been Reverend Dan. (Except for one time when a little boy couldn’t say “Reverend” and called me “Rubber Dan.”) I’ve preached for over two decades about the goodness of God. His grace. His power. His mercy. I’ve sat in offices and homes and hospitals and funeral homes and told people to trust God because He’s in control and He has a plan. But now, it’s gotten personal. Nine days into this year, the greatest man I ever knew, my father, passed away. Nine days after my father’s funeral, my older brother, one of my “go to’s” when life got overwhelming, was diagnosed with lung and bone cancer. Reverend Dan was reeling. But the more I thought about that, the more I realized that Reverend Dan is not reeling. He’s still preaching and teaching and counseling and comforting.
You see, Reverend Dan is what I do. It’s not who I am. I’m just like everyone else. I’m Dan, the son and the brother. My humanness is no different from anyone else’s at times like these. I’m hurting. I have questions. I have fears. As Reverend Dan, I have the answers in my head because I can step back and see the entire forest. But now I’m in the middle of it and all the trees are blocking my view.

One of my best friends, Bishop Jackson, once preached a sermon imploring everyone, “please don’t miss heaven by eighteen inches.” Every time fear blocks our human view, we have to get those answers in our heads to move the most important eighteen inches there are: down to our hearts. For twenty-four years I’ve talked the talk. Now it’s time to walk the walk. It’s time to “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid for the Lord is with you wherever you go.”

Please pray for my brother, Tom. He’s battling this like the protective and brave big brother he’s always been. Pray for his wife, Linda who is his angel of mercy. Pray for his children and grandchildren, and the rest of our family. And if you have a few minutes, please say a quick pray for me. Regular ole little brother Dan, just a sinner saved by grace who wears the robe and title of “Rev.” sometimes. Pray for travel mercies that on the journey from my head to my heart, God has His way with me, and I can be there for the big brother who’s always been there for me.​​​​​​​