Union Ridge Church

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

by Reverend Dan on June 9, 2021

If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.”

                                                                                                1 Peter 4:11


The biggest thing I’m learning in post-graduate school this time around . . . is that there is a LOT I still have to learn.


No longer am I “ten feet tall and bullet proof” as Travis Tritt sang. In fact, the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.


I was talking with someone one day, and in casual conversation I asked if they had any good books to recommend. Her answer floored me. She said, “I don’t read any more. I know all I want to know and need to know.”


Wow. I’m not from that school. I want to be the best me I can be. The more I learn, the better pastor and preacher I’ll be. Hopefully my skills will increase, and I’ll have a lot more knowledge from which to draw.


We all need to seek to get better at what we do. Learn from others; listen to those who have been there; use constructive criticism to polish and hone your skills.


But no matter how much you learn, remember one thing. No matter how “skillful” you or I may get, we need to remember our most important work is for a power greater than us, and anything we need, He’ll provide.


It’s God who can change hearts and lives, not me. So, I’ve learned that there is something better than any set of skills I possess. It’s a set of skills that I’ve surrendered to God.


Someone once said, “Having a B level set of skills that’s surrendered to God is better than having an A level set of skills you’re trying to use without God.”


And while that’s especially true in the world of pastors, it’s also true in any ministry. Do what you do to glorify God. If you do that, you’ll find that everything else will fall into place, and He’ll continue to provide new and exciting ways to use those skills.


Eternal and Holy God, thank you for the gifts and talents and skills you have bestowed upon us. Help us to use them to glorify Your Name. In Jesus’ nameAMEN.