Union Ridge Church

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

by Reverend Dan on March 17, 2021

“Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

                                    Matthew 7:1


How many times, as you judge someone, have you ever done so using the words, “I’m the same way.”


You haven’t. Not if you were judging them because the very act of judging them means you are feeling superior because you have never sunken to your perceived low of whatever they’re doing.


Judgment is grounded in arrogance. A person who is judgmental almost always carries a sense of condescension in their thought and in their words. “I never get into this kind of situation myself . . . you should be as good as I am.” Otherwise you wouldn’t be so critical of the other person.


Or even worse, that condescension turns into a sense of pity. “Poor, stupid you. I guess you can’t help it. You’re not like me.”  


Judgment always says, “I am better than you, I know more than you and I’m superior to you because you won’t catch me doing that.”


No wonder people run from it. They shrink in shame and defeat and a feeling of worthlessness of not being “good enough”.


The fact is, very few people get judged into changing their lives. Many people, however, get loved into it. (I’ve always said you’ll get more people to the altar with love than with fear and intimidation.)


It’s humility, folks. Being humble. Saying, “I get it. I’m just like you. Maybe we can figure this out together and both be better for it.” And meaning it.


Give it a try. Folks will stick around far longer learning humility than feeling judgment. Guaranteed.


Oh, and by the way . . . we’re not done yet. More next time . . .


Help us to be humble just as Your Son did by coming to earth and dying on the cross for our sake and our sin . In Jesus’ name, AMEN